Reyna Ngu Donates To Catholic Hospital, Monrovia -Liberia

My name is Reyna Ngu and I am ten years old. I am going into 5th Grade, and I go to The John Cooper School. I live with my three sisters ( Sophie, Eva, and Olivia) and my parents in the Woodlands, Texas.How I earned the money was in a very peculiar way. The money I donated required a special task to acquire.

My father and I had an agreement that if I memorized 250 digits of Pi, he would give me $500 and my mother would match it. After studying the number Pi intensely I was able to recite the 250 digits, and that $1000 is the money I donated.I think it is important to donate to any charity in general because there are a lot of people who are less fortunate than you are. There are many people out there that need help. I believe that it is our responsibility as members of society to assist those in need.

Charitable actions are very rewarding, because I know that by doing charity work, I am improving someone else’s life.I chose St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital because the babies who live there, had parents who died of HIV/AIDS. I wanted to donate $500 to buy formula for the babies whose mothers could not feed them natural milk. Formula is vital in the growth and development of early childhood, so by donating to St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital I know that I will be prolonging a child’s life.

I donated the remaining $500 to SAJOCA in Cameroon which is a center for handicap and blind children.I worked very hard to memorize Pi because I wanted to be able to donate the money to charity. I believe that charity is very important to be apart of. I am very excited to continue with St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital and other charities. I want to be involved in charitable work my entire life.

ReceivingReyna's donation Reyna