A Team of Ophthalmologist Visit St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital, Perform Surgeries for Cataract

A Team of doctors headed by Doctor Adel Guirguis is on a one week medical mission at St. Joseph Catholic Hospital. IMG_2136The team who arrived since Sunday May 7 2017, is expected to perform surgeries for cataract on several patients who have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. About 27 patients have been screened so far, with several scheduled for surgery beginning this Wednesday. According to Dr. Vivian Samir, who is the second member of the team, they are expected to see up to 50 patients before their departure on Sunday May 14, 2017.IMG_2129

The team is a member of the St. Paul Medical Services, an organization that aims at helping to deliver necessary medical care to millions that receive no proper medical attention. They have worked in mostly Africa and Asia since 2011.