My Personal Experience At The Joint Interprovincial Leadership Training Held In Afagna, Togo From the 11th To 15th June, 2018.

After the Provincial Chapters of the St. Augustine Province-Africa and the St. Richard Pampuri Province in March, 2018 and following the subsequent appointments of the Provincial Counselors, Superiors, Formators and Directors of the two young and dynamic African Provinces, it was agreed that a joint leadership training would be organized for the appointed leaders in Africa before they could start their mandates.

It was on this note that the brothers and coworkers from different countries converged to the Hospital and Community House in Afagna-Togo for the said conference. During the five days training and sharing, emphases were laid on the governance of our religious communities, the centers and the formation houses. Inputs were made by Fr. Jean Diouf-from the St. John Apostle Congregation, Br. Joaquim Erra from the Province of Aragon, Spain, Br. Andre Sene-General Secretary (Rome), Br. Paul Marie Toufana-Provincial Superior of France while Br. Pascal Ahodegnon-General Counselor for Africa was the chair person for the training/conference.

Amidst the effective training, one could enjoy an atmosphere of fraternal love and hospitality where the young and the old brothers, those who have not met for years as a result of their various assignments had the opportunity to talk and share about their religious adventures.

The training/workshop ended with the First Priestly Ordination of Br. Hugues Tatoa Assou of the St. Richard Pampuri Province by His Lordship Rt Rev. Isaac Jogues Gaglo Bishop of Aneho Diocese.  The joy of our encounter can be seen with the shared photos below.

Br. Peter Lansana Dawoh

Monrovia, Liberia.