St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital Participates in a Training in South Africa

Improved Governance and Research Capacities in Diagnostic for infectious Diseases (IGORCADIA) of the Liberia Medicines and Health  Product Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), afforded the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital through its nursing director Mrs. Christine Tarr-Attia, the opportunity to participate in a three days workshop on GCP-GCLP in Johannesburg, South Africa – June 12-14 2018.
Christine2 The workshop was sponsored by the European Developing Countries for Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). It was very educative; refreshing the principles of GCP-GCLP, the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in clinical research, and the current status of important regulations governing the conduct of clinical trials.

The facilitator, Dr. Hennie Geldenhuys, Director of Clinical Research Education and Development (CREDE), emphasized the importance of Good Documentation Practice, Data Quality Management, Implementing Corrective Preventative Actions (CAPA) and Strategies for recruitment and retention of study participants in research or clinical trials.

The training was to keep participants reminded about their set principles and goals as investigators; that will aid them in conducting clinical trails or research in particular areas of need. Knowledge gained from this workshop is disseminated with professional colleagues to help improved clinical research skills and to improve the hospital’s information system and data management procedures.