Dr. Cristina Munoz has shared her experience working at St. Joseph Catholic Hospital three months after arriving in Liberia as the head of the IGORCADIA PROJECT. The IGORCADIA PROJECT, which is funded by the European Developing Countries for Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) is a research project, which aims to support the Liberian Medicine and Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), in strengthening their capacity to develop In vitro regulation guidelines (Research of diagnostic of Malaria that could reduce the rate of morbidity in malaria) in endemic countries as Liberia. Dr. Munoz, who arrived in Liberia last october, expressed joy at working with the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, amidst the many challenges she has faced over the last three months.

IMG-20181101-WA0001She was full of praise for the management team of the St. Joseph Catholic hospital, for the warm welcome and support she has received since her arrival here three months ago. She described her anxiety about moving to Liberia to work, and was quick to point out the initial cultural clash and different ways of doing things in Africa, but said she has settled in, and is very optimistic about her work, and the benefits it will bring to the health care system in Liberia.

She outlined her aspirations for 2019 as head of the Igorcadia Research Project, saying she believe that the best way to contribute against suffering and helping to close the gaps in health disparities between and within different regions in the world is bringing our best values and quality practices, trying to make a significant contribution to the IGORCADIA project” The full transcript of her write-up can be found here