LMHRA & St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital signs MOU on IGORCADIA

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Mr David Sumo (Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority Managing Director) and Brother Peter Lansana Dawoh (Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital Director) in a ceremony held June 26th 2019. The purpose of this meeting was to set the terms and understanding between the Liberian partners of the IGORCADIA project.

IGORCADIAThe collaboration between LMHRA and SJCH began in early 2016 when LMHRA provided technical assistance in the implementation of the EDCTP-awarded “Strengthening Laboratory Capacities at the St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital, Monrovia, for Clinical Trials in Infectious Diseases” (SELeCT) Project. The SELeCT Project aimed to build the capacity of SJCH clinical, administrative and laboratory staff in the conduct of clinical trials for infectious diseases. During August-September 2016, senior staff from LMHRA participated in the preparation of training materials and as facilitators in two hands-on workshops on good clinical and laboratory practice and on community engagement. These workshops were led by ISGlobal and implemented at the SJCH including 14 hospital staff and 3 LMHRA. Considering the good results obtained with SELeCT, the three organizations decided to continue their agreement and invited the LMHRA to participate.

IGORCADIA1The MoU document defines the roles and responsibilities for both LMHRA and SJCH as well as the functions, types of activities to support, communication channels and working collaboration.
The mentioned goal shall be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:
• Training Programme on Diagnostics Research: the SJCH provides the site for the conduct of all LMHRA training activities
• Conduct of practical exercise (quantitative): the SJCH with a PCR-equipped laboratory shall provide its facility and human resources for the conduct of the quantitative research DiagLib.
• Strengthening SJCH Laboratory capacities to consolidate the SJCH as a reference laboratory partner for LMHRA. Both LMHRA and SJCH will recommend staffs for training in new diagnostic technologies and specific refreshment hands-on training on quality control and calibration of RT-PCR and PCR testing.
• in a second stage, called IGORCADIA, whose purpose is to strengthen the Liberian Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) regulatory mandate and capacities in the use of diagnostics in research and on research on diagnostics for infectious diseases.
Thanks to this Memorandum of Understanding, future trainings on diagnostics research as well as accuracy and validation studies –as proposed by LMHRA– can be conducted.