“It’s All About Trust” – Qualitative Research At SJCH

In early 2016, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) established a research collaboration in Liberia with the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital (SJCH) and the Liberia Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA). With funding from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, two ISGlobal-led projects started. Both aiming at building hospital and regulatory authority staff capacities to conduct research on infectious diseases. During the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak, many patients with infectious diseases other than Ebola (i.e. malaria) saw how neglected their healthcare needs were. Capitalizing on ISGlobal expertise on basic and applied research for the development of new diagnostic and preventive tools for malaria prevention and elimination, special emphasis has been placed on these two projects in building local capacities to support malaria research in Liberia.

BiobankingIn this context, the IGORCADIA team has engaged to design and conduct a qualitative research at SJCH in order to understand community perceptions, contextual barriers and opportunities on the storage of biological samples for biomedical research in Liberia. This component of the project has been achieved through the conduct of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions conducted among individuals with fever (temperature ≥37.5ºC) or history of fever during the last week, pregnant women at their first antenatal visit, LMHRA stakeholders, Community Advisory Board, Medical, Nursing and Laboratory staff from the Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital and hemo biobanking group.

The ethics issues drawn from the qualitative inquiry finding and full report from the research can be found at DIAGLIB QUALITATIVE RESEARCH