Catholic Hospital Dedicates New Maternity Wing, Named in Honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman

The management of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital on tuesday July 21, 2020, dedicated a new wing of the maternity named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman. The new maternity wing, which was constructed with support from Contribute Foundation, is named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman for his long standing service to the hospital which span over 35 years.

Dr. Samuel G. Bowman joined the hospital in 1980 as a medical intern, and gained full employment in 1986 as a gynecologist. He later rose to the rank of medical director and chief gynecologist respectively. He was retired in 2014, but continued to serve on a contract basis until 2017.

The dedication of the new maternity wing was attended by Dr. Bowman and some of his family members. Hospital Director, Br. Peter Lansana Dawoh thanked Dr. Bowman for his high level of commitment and dedication during his years at the hospital, and said the new maternity wing which comprises a complete private and two semi private wards, will help ease the congestion of the maternity, and improve the maternity and neonatal services at the hospital.