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Hospital Director Provides Update On 3rd Wave Of COVID

Hospital Director Br. Peter Lansana Dawoh has provided a comprehensive update on efforts of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital and its staff in fighting the third wave of the COVID Virus. The report contains information on donations received during the period from its partners, philanthropist and some agencies of the government of Liberia, including the office of the president. Below is a link to the full report.

Update On Third Wave Of COVID

Probitas/Griffols, Spain, And The MAB Leadership of Sierra Leone donates IPC supplies to the Hospital


An acute shortage of needed P.P.E and I.P.C supplies in the Liberian market, led the hospital to make a fervent S.O.S appeal for support in terms of gloves and gauzes to Probitas/Griffols, Spain, and the MAB Leadership of Sierra Leone.

Their responses helped to salvage the precarious situation that the hospital found herself. Finding these items was really challenging but due to their positive and timely response, the hospital maintained her services actively.

Catholic Hospital Dedicates New Maternity Wing, Named in Honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman

The management of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital on tuesday July 21, 2020, dedicated a new wing of the maternity named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman. The new maternity wing, which was constructed with support from Contribute Foundation, is named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman for his long standing service to the hospital which span over 35 years. Continue reading

St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital Create Awareness on Covid 19 Prevention

Amidst the growing increase in the Corona Virus worldwide, with three (3) confirmed cases already in Liberia, St. Joseph Catholic Hospital has begun series of awareness and sensitization programs for staff and patients visiting the hospital. Several flyers were designed with a list of preventive measures outlined to help curtail the spread of the virus. Below are samples of the flyers that were printed and pasted at various strategic places in the hospital compound. Continue reading

“It’s All About Trust” – Qualitative Research At SJCH

In early 2016, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) established a research collaboration in Liberia with the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital (SJCH) and the Liberia Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA). With funding from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, two ISGlobal-led projects started. Both aiming at building hospital and regulatory authority staff capacities to conduct research on infectious diseases. Continue reading

IGORCADIA Graduates Trainees in Diagnostic Research

Research and development of preventive and therapeutic interventions for emerging pathogens have been difficult to maintain in the past once outbreaks come to an end.
In Liberia, much of the research on Ebola ended when the outbreak faded in 2016 even though sustained funding could have led to further the development of vaccine candidates and other therapies for Ebola. Continue reading