St. Joseph Catholic Hospital Unveils Monument to honor staffs who died during the Ebola Epidemic


L-R Br. Moises, Br. Peter, Br. Jesus, Br. Pierre,Br. Benda & Br. Viadero

The management of the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital headed by Bro. Peter Lansana Dawoh, on Saturday unveiled a monument in honor of the fallen heroes and heroines of the hospital, who lost their lives during the Ebola crisis in 2014. In attendance were high profile members of the Brothers of St John of God, Rome and Accra.

Rev Bro. Jesus A, Etayo, Superior General of the Brothers of St. John of God, Rome, was a special guest of the hospital, and unveiled the monument.He was accompanied by Bro. Bartholomew Kamara, Provincial Superior, Accra, Bro. Linus Tangu, Third Provincial Counselor, and Bro Moises Martinez, Head of International Relations, all of the Brothers of St. John of God, Accra and Rome.


Turning over Multipurpose Hall to Br. Peter

The program which was characterized by singing, speeches, and a mass, brought together a host of other partners of the Hospital, Including Juan Cuidad, the NGO of the Brothers of St. John of God, Trinity Construction Company Inc., employees, and sympathizers. At the end of the mass which was presided over by Rev. Fr. Philip Tickey, Hospital Director Bro Peter L. Dawoh took to the podium, and invited Trinity Construction Services for a brief presentation of the Records and Conference Unit. The New Records and Conference Unit was constructed with support from Juan Ciudad, and its Director, Bro. Jose Maria Viadero, was in attendance to cut the ribbon.

The delegation from Rome and Accra are expected to hold several meetings with the hospital management and inspect other ongoing projects, before departing this week.


Br. Peter pose with Br. Linus Tangu


An array of Brothers of St. John of God and Rev. Fr. Tickey at the Monument