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Hospital Director Provides Update On 3rd Wave Of COVID

Hospital Director Br. Peter Lansana Dawoh has provided a comprehensive update on efforts of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital and its staff in fighting the third wave of the COVID Virus. The report contains information on donations received during the period from its partners, philanthropist and some agencies of the government of Liberia, including the office of the president. Below is a link to the full report.

Update On Third Wave Of COVID

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Probitas/Griffols, Spain, And The MAB Leadership of Sierra Leone donates IPC supplies to the Hospital


An acute shortage of needed P.P.E and I.P.C supplies in the Liberian market, led the hospital to make a fervent S.O.S appeal for support in terms of gloves and gauzes to Probitas/Griffols, Spain, and the MAB Leadership of Sierra Leone.

Their responses helped to salvage the precarious situation that the hospital found herself. Finding these items was really challenging but due to their positive and timely response, the hospital maintained her services actively.

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Catholic Hospital Dedicates New Maternity Wing, Named in Honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman

The management of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital on tuesday July 21, 2020, dedicated a new wing of the maternity named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman. The new maternity wing, which was constructed with support from Contribute Foundation, is named in honor of Dr. Samuel G. Bowman for his long standing service to the hospital which span over 35 years. Continue reading

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St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital Create Awareness on Covid 19 Prevention

Amidst the growing increase in the Corona Virus worldwide, with three (3) confirmed cases already in Liberia, St. Joseph Catholic Hospital has begun series of awareness and sensitization programs for staff and patients visiting the hospital. Several flyers were designed with a list of preventive measures outlined to help curtail the spread of the virus. Below are samples of the flyers that were printed and pasted at various strategic places in the hospital compound. Continue reading

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“It’s All About Trust” – Qualitative Research At SJCH

In early 2016, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) established a research collaboration in Liberia with the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital (SJCH) and the Liberia Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority (LMHRA). With funding from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, two ISGlobal-led projects started. Both aiming at building hospital and regulatory authority staff capacities to conduct research on infectious diseases. Continue reading

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IGORCADIA Graduates Trainees in Diagnostic Research

Research and development of preventive and therapeutic interventions for emerging pathogens have been difficult to maintain in the past once outbreaks come to an end.
In Liberia, much of the research on Ebola ended when the outbreak faded in 2016 even though sustained funding could have led to further the development of vaccine candidates and other therapies for Ebola. Continue reading

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LMHRA & St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital signs MOU on IGORCADIA

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Mr David Sumo (Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority Managing Director) and Brother Peter Lansana Dawoh (Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital Director) in a ceremony held June 26th 2019. The purpose of this meeting was to set the terms and understanding between the Liberian partners of the IGORCADIA project. Continue reading

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IGORCADIA Project Catalog one Year Progress

The IGORCADIA project started in December 2017 and is led by the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) in collaboration with the NGO Juan Ciudad Foundation (FJC), the Liberian Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) and the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital (SJCH), in Monrovia, where all activities take place. One year on, the project, through its manager Dr. Cristina Munoz catalogs activities conducted in its first year. Continue reading

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IGORCADIA Project Promotes Equal Opportunities in Science and Research from a Gender Perspective at SJCH

The IGORCADIA Project, which takes place in Monrovia, Liberia, in collaboration with the public institution “Regulatory Authority of Medicines and Health Products of Liberia” (LMHRA) and the Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital (SJCH), with the support of Juan Ciudad Foundation (FJC), is highly committed to promoting equal opportunities in science and research from a gender perspective among participating institutions. Continue reading

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St. Augustine Province Holds Training on Financial Statements Format in Accra Ghana.

A training on Financial Statements Format was organized by the St. Augustine Province of Africa for heads of finance of various centers with the aim of achieving the following: Find solution to financial challenges, work on the control of expenditures, apply procurement procedures and look at the weakness and strengths of the province. Continue reading

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SELeCT Bears Fruit in Liberia

Just over one year after its conclusion, the SELeCT project has published its third article resulting from a series of activities aimed at strengthening research capacities in Liberia. The project, that started in February 2016 and ended  in August 2017, was funded by the EDCTP and led by ISGlobal – an institution supported by “la Caixa” Foundation- in collaboration with the Juan Ciudad Foundation and the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Hospital (SJCH) in Monrovia. Continue reading

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St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital Participates in a Training in South Africa

Improved Governance and Research Capacities in Diagnostic for infectious Diseases (IGORCADIA) of the Liberia Medicines and Health  Product Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), afforded the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital through its nursing director Mrs. Christine Tarr-Attia, the opportunity to participate in a three days workshop on GCP-GCLP in Johannesburg, South Africa – June 12-14 2018. Continue reading

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My Personal Experience At The Joint Interprovincial Leadership Training Held In Afagna, Togo From the 11th To 15th June, 2018.

After the Provincial Chapters of the St. Augustine Province-Africa and the St. Richard Pampuri Province in March, 2018 and following the subsequent appointments of the Provincial Counselors, Superiors, Formators and Directors of the two young and dynamic African Provinces, it was agreed that a joint leadership training would be organized for the appointed leaders in Africa before they could start their mandates. Continue reading

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St. Joseph’s IT Administrator Attends PHIS Training In Kumasi, Ghana

A staff of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital has expressed gratitude to management, after returning from Ghana, where he attended a three day workshop for Hospitals using the Patient Health Information System (PHIS). The training workshop which brought together representatives from all hospitals using PHIS was held in Kumasi, Ghana. Continue reading

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SJCH Staff Members Participate in a Course to Strengthen Capacities in Biomedical Research

Last month of July, fourteen selected staff members of SJCH, three members of the Liberian Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) and one member of the  ‘Stella Maris Polytechnic Mother Patern College of Health Sciences’received a four-day training on ‘Good Clinical Practices’ and ‘Good Laboratory Practices’ in biomedical research.The course is part of a European-funded project (SELeCT) that aims to buildinstitutional capacities to conduct clinical trials by training hospital personnel on clinical trial conduct, upgrading laboratory infrastructure, and building community trust in health research.   Continue reading

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Br. Patrick Nshamdze

Br. Patrick Nshamdze, our Hospital Director, dies at 52

Yesterday, August 2nd, our beloved Brother and Hospital Director Patrick Nshamdze died in ELWA Hospital in Monrovia at age 52, after 23 years of religious proffession.

Br Patrick, born in Cameroon, was tested Ebola positive on July 29, after being sick for two weeks. He had been previously tested on July 18, with a negative result.

All of us who form the family of the Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital and the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God ask for your prayers for his soul.


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Protection equipment for Ebola virus in Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital - Monrovia, Liberia



The worst epidemic of ebola in History

The outbreak of ebola in West Africa is the biggest in History, and it is the first time that affects several countries at the same time: Liberia, Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leona. First cases were detected in January 2014, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared oficially the epidemic in March.

From then on, cases of this disease –with a mortality rate over 90%– had increased, with 518 deaths up to date, which makes this epidemic the most serious, besides it being the first time that the disease outbreaks in this region. Previous known eruptions happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Hospitals of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God in Sierra Leona and Liberia are taking care of patients with ebola, in coordination with the Ministries of Health, which count on scant resources and facilities to face this epidemic, and that is why it is so urgent to control and stop the progress of the disease.

Your help will serve to provide resources to these Hospitals that let them to take proper care of this emergency, allowing a better care for patients with ebola and for health workers and their families.


What do we ask for

Donations to install an isolated area and buy specific medical stuff and disinfectant products for the right control and treatment of ebola.

Nowadays the vaccine is inexistent, hence the treatment is just symptomatic.



Because medical equipment required for treatment of ebola are expensive and our Hospitals in Liberia en Sierra Leona can´t afford them and are asking for help.


Destiny of the aids

· St. Joseph Catholic Hospital de Monrovia (Liberia).

· St. John of God Hospital de Lunsar (Sierra Leona).