Visits & patient companion


The timetable for visits to patients is

  • Morning: 10 am to 11.30 am
  • Afternoon: 3 pm to 5.30 pm

except in cases where this is not advised for medical reasons.

We advise that visits to patients who are not ambulant be limited to two persons at a given time, especially in the semi-private and general wards, where co-clients could also have their visitors. Children below 10 years are prohibited from paying visits. This is due to their high risk of exposing them to infections with their low level of resistance. Ambulant patients can also receive their visitors in the waiting room which is more spacious. It is equally recommended that visits should be short to promote enough rest of clients and their speedy recovery.

We need your collaboration for the welfare of all the people hospitalized. For this reason, we also recommend that during the visits the doors of the rooms remain closed and the tone and pitch of the voices should be low. Fellow church members during visiting, can pray, but this must be done with due respect for other clients in the ward, and the need for a calm and even silence when there is a critically ill patient in the ward.

The Hospital reserves the right to take any measures it may consider necessary to preserve the ideal conditions of the hospital environment

Accompanying patients

Only clients in the completely private wards are allowed to have a relative or companion with them 24 hours, occupying a bed.

In the case of a surgical patient, the person accompanying the client will be informed accordingly by the surgeon after the operation. Only the Hospital will be allowed to accompany the patient back in the ward. A decision could be made depending on the severity of the condition, to allow one person join the medical team.

Companion of a pediatric patient: After a surgical operation, the parents or legal guardians of the child will be informed by the doctor and he/she will be allowed to accompany the client in the ward.

Companion of a patient in the ICU: When a patient is transferred to the ICU, the family members and companions will leave the room initially assigned so that it can be used by other patients. No visitors are allowed into the ICU, given that all patients in this unit are critically ill, and need specialized care in a very quite environment. But on special demand from the relatives, or request from the medical staff, controlled visits can be allowed. When discharged from this unit, he or she will be assigned a new room.