Province of Castille

The relationship beetween our Hospital and the Province of Castille (Spain) of the Order has been always close. Not only did the first members of our Community in Monrovia come from that Province, but we have been blessed with constant support from there. In 2007, the Province of Castilla of the Brothers of St. John of God, agreed to take over the management, renovation and refurbishment of the Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital from the African Province of Saint Augustine for a period of five years. This arrangement came to an end in December of 2012.

During this period, critical improvements in our facilities, equipment, managing and procedures were achieved, and the New Kru Town Health Center was totally rebuilt. This couldn´t have been possible without the help and financial support of our Brothers in the Province of Castille, the Saint John Of God Hospital of Santurce and the Juan Ciudad Foundation, as well as many other donors and benefactors.

Our deepest gratitude to all of them.