Donate to…

New Kru Town

Our Health Center in one of Monrovia´s most disadvantaged areas. We offer low-price services, but many people can´t even afford that. US $75,000 would allow us to offer free services during a whole year.

Free under 5 program

Children are the most endangered population in Liberia, but they are its future as well. US $185,000 would allow us to offer completely free healthcare and treatments for children under 5.

PMTCT HIV – AIDS program

This program comprises different actions aimed to prevent mother-to-children transmission of HIV and AIDS, and to do the follow-up of the babies, as well as the nutrition of those in need. US $80,000 would allow SJCH to keep on running this program for a whole year.

Stop Fistula program

This program fights against the physical and phsicological consequences of vaginal fistula, a condition suffered by 2 million US $300 pays for the reconstructive surgery of a woman affected by this condition.

Medical equipment and surgical instrument


  • Funds for training in Nursery, Emergencies, Laboratory, Intensive Care… 

Non care-related

  • Oxygent plant (US $30,000).
  • Solar panels system (to scale down expenditures in electricity and allow us to spend the savings in medicines and treatments).