The Patient Admission Service is located in the main hall of the hospital. It will inform you and coordinate your entry and stay at the hospital till your discharge. Admission of all clients (medical, surgical, pediatric, maternity, etc) takes place at this office

At the time of your admission into the Hospital, the Department of Patient Admissions will ask you for your Registration Card. This will enable your identification and activation in the data computerised system of the hospital. In case you are attending for the first time, your personal data will be collected and input into the system, to be used privately and strictly for the needs of the hospital.

  • Admission of all patients is preceded by the payment of a deposit. The amount stipulated is determined by the type of ward the client is being admitted into (private, semi-private or general ward). Payment is made in US dollars or Liberian dollars as the case may be. We accept only company or institutional cheques. Credit cards are not yet operational.
  • Admission of clients ensured by a company or covered by an institution is done on presentation of the Identity Card or a document from the company confirming your registration with them. In the absence of this, a refundable deposit will be demanded, and refunded upon presentation of the aformentioned document within 24 hours.
  • Emergency admission: In the case of emergency admission, the hospital staff will get in touch with the patient or person accompanying him or her to facilitate admission. In this case, you will have no more than 24 hours to supply documentation needed.

Pediatric patient

The pediatric patients admitted to the hospital must be accompanied at all times by their parents or legal guardians.


When required by the surgical procedure, diagnostic test or medical treatment of the illness, the patient will be informed in advance by the corresponding member(s) of staff of the circumstances, risks and possible alternatives with respect to these operations, tests or treatments. They will also be given an Informed Consent form in writing, except in the cases for which this is not required under law.


• Breakfast: 09:00 am to 09:30 am
• Lunch: 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
• Dinner: 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

This timetable is approximate and subject to slight changes when the need arises,
The patient is advised to respect the diet recommended by his or her doctor.

What you should know before admission

Below is some information to make your stay easier:

Can I eat before the operation?

Your doctor will tell you whether you may eat or drink before your operation. If you are not sure about this, or about any other medical details, please ask your doctor directly.

What can I bring with me?

You must bring:

• Pajamas, dressing gown and slippers
• Toilet items
• Reading material (books, magazines)
• Mobile phones. Please use these with discretion
• Pre-operative details, signed consent forms
• List of medication you are currently taking

What not to bring:

• You are recommended not to bring unnecessary objects of value. SJCH is not liable for any objects of value that may be lost during your stay at our centre.

Is smoking allowed in the Hospital?

Out of respect to the health and current law, smoking is not permitted in any part of the hospital.