Free Under Five program: free healthcare for children under five

Child mortality rate (number of children before being 1 y.o.) is 72.71 / 1,000 live births (2011)

Malnutrition rate in children under 5 is 20.4% (2007).

Children are the most endangered population in Liberia, but they are its future as well. That´s why one of the most desired goals of the Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital is to offer completely free treatment for children under five.

Every year, 10,000 children are examinated in the Hospital´s and New Kru Town Out-Patient Departments.

This is our children-related activity:

  • 10,000 OPD examinations
  • 3,000 emergencies
  • 5,000 laboratory tests
  • 3,000 X-Ray screenings
  • 400 surgeries
  • 1,000 admissions

Other hospitals in the National Health System offer free healthcare for children under 5, but  the patient´s relatives have to pay for the surgical materials and for the medicines, and this prevents most of the people to access these services,

The total annual budget for this program is US $185,000.

Would you like to contribute to this goal?