The Hospital

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital is a mission hospital, established in 1963 by the Brothers of Saint John of God, which serves any kind of patients no matter their race, sex, condition or religion, under a not-for-profit management.

The Hospital has 141 beds distributed in different wards, 3 ICU beds, 4 operating rooms, 2 delivery rooms and 8 consultation rooms, and has 4 major clinical departments including Departments of Internal MedicineGeneral SurgeryObstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics. We also do general checkup for employment, Visa applicants and personal preventive check-ups.

The facilities are located in Congo Town, Monrovia, where 165 employees and 11 doctors work. Since 1972, the SJCH management runs a Health Center in New Kru Town, as well.

The Hospital collaborates in the training of health professionals with the A. M. Dogglioti College of Medicine of the University of Liberia and the Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences of the University of Cuttington. Periodically, the SJCH hosts doctors, surgeons and health professionals from other countries, who help the different Departments and provide training course to other professionals and students.

Our Hospital developes a close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, running long-term programs on Malaria, Tuberculosis, Prevention of Mother-To-Children HIV Transmission (supported from 2004 to 2012 by Global Strategies for HIV Prevention) and “Stop Fistula” (with the support of “Mujeres por África” Foundation).

As years went by, SJCH has become the oldest hospital in Liberia. It is the only one that remained open during the hard times and now, facing its 50th anniversary, we can proudly say that is part of the History of Liberia, and that each and everyone who collaborate with the Hospital became part of the country´s construction.

From its early days, SJCH´s aim was not only to support the most disfavoured, but to collaborate with the Liberian National Health System and promote the training of new professionals. Over the years, SJCH consolidated this triple dimension being a mission hospital, joining the public health system and becoming a training center.

The Hospital has seen many different situations from a social, political and economical point of view, but the faith and determination showed by the Brothers of Saint John of God and the Hospital workers, along with the always appreciated help from our benefactors, have made possible to keep on serving the people of Liberia.

After the war, most of the Hospital was rebuild thanks to the financial support of the Province of Castille, the Juan Ciudad Foundation and the Regional Government of Madrid, along with the numerous benefactors that help the Hospital.

Our activity

Activity 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Out-Patient Dpt. 120,188 117,920 76,797 83,339 50,825 74,339
St Joseph’s OPD 84,820 78,642 54,609 39,251 34,257 54,403
New Kru Town OPD 35,368 39,278 22,188 44,088 16,568 19,936
Admissions 3,648 3,850 4,197 5,403 3,910 4,301
Surgeries 736 720 875 956 763 930
Deliveries 1,076 934 869 1,002 882 895
Lab 71,034 69,999 98,490 87,628 104,027 114,430
Emergencies 6,765 5,387 5,379 4,966 5,771 5,865
X-Ray 5,118 4,902 5,783 5,630 7,971 8,020

Our mision

Stemming from the Christian values and a Holistic approach as advocated and practiced by St. John of God, our Founder: Hospitality, Justice, Dignity, Caring, Trust And Compassion. We provide healthcare services to all people who need our care without any form of discrimination.

Our vision

To become a center of excellence in health care to people in Liberia, through well motivated and committed staff, applying the best practices and optimal use of available resources, with the patient as the most important member of our centre.

Our goals

  • Free treatment for children under five.
  • Free food for children especially milk.
  • Defend and promote the health rights of our patient.
  • Promote the pastoral services.
  • Promote Bioethics services.
  • Free medical care for all women in their first pregnancy and those with vesico-vaginal fistula in collaboration with the Spanish NGO, “Mujeres por Africa” (“Women for Africa”).
  • Establish more specialities in the Hospital so as to limit the number of people travelling out of the country for medical care.
  • To continue and improve the services of the “Small Catholic”, New Kru Town clinic.
  • Promote interrelations with the Dogliotti Medical College and other medical schools locally and abroad.
Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital compound entrance

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital compound entrance.

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital, Monrovia, Liberia

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital, Monrovia, Liberia (Photo signed over by Dr. Rivilla).

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital, Monrovia, Liberia

Saint Joseph´s Catholic Hospital, Monrovia, Liberia (Photo signed over by Dr. Rivilla).